Wrap up


What a journey!

After about fours months of open source hacking, the adventure has come to an end so now it is time to reflect on the past four months.

When I first started OSD600, I have little to none experience with open source. My only interactions with open source projects were going to Github and download a free software for personal use. It never crossed my mind the idea of contributing to those projects. I always thought I didn’t have enough experience to be part of them.

Then I started this course and everything changed. I was “forced” to work on open source projects, starting small and gradually increasing the level of difficult. I found this approach very effective to me because it made me feel empowered to do more and made me see what I was capable of.

I started with Brackets, doing translation and now I am working on Firefox bugs. In every step, there is a learning. Every PR I submit, I bring and take a bit of knowledge. Working on Firefox enabled me to work on this one too

When I first started working on PRs, I never thought I would be able to be part of an event like Hacktoberfest. Competitions and event like this used to intimidate me and now, here I am, wearing my Hacktoberfest shirt. I have come a long way but this is not the end. This course make me realize how important open source is and how embedded it is even in my life. We all use open source projects every day in our lives and still we don’t have the credit it deserves. Certainly I haven’t.

Now that I got the taste of being part of this wonderful and welcoming community, I don’t want to stop. Even though this is my final semester, I will always have a very special place in my heart for open source.

Goodbye for now.


main() {
    printf("goodbye, world\n");

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