Release 0.4 Week 3

Now, the bittersweet moment.

The OSD600 course has come to an end. Although it is a relief, it is also kind of sad especially since I had such fun working on all these PRs and Hacktoberfest.

I have spent the last week working on the Firefox ESLint bug and two other PRs.

I will be dividing this blog into sections because I have quite a lot to talk:


It was quite an experience. Everything was new to me, from the type of bug to the version control tool, everything was different from what I was used to. Because of this lack of experience, I messed up the commit submission because instead of using the recommended moz-phab wrap, I used the Arcanist. Mark told me to abandon that submission and redo it with moz-phab.

I encountered so many troubles doing so that I decided to do redo the whole thing from scratch:

After running ESLint with --fix, the number of problems went down to 234:

From here it was all manual fixes. Two hours later, everything was fixed:

This time around, I used moz-phab submit and I was given two links:

Now, I am working with Mark to finish up a few details he wanted me to change.


For the external PR, as I said last week, I wanted to work on H2, a project that I started working on during Hacktoberfest. My plan was to change the Youtube and Vimeo default video player to Plyr, but after a further consideration, I decided it wasn’t a good idea because it might not support all the different platforms they might want to support in the future. So instead, I added Dailymotion support, in addition to Youtube and Vimeo (which I also added).

As bonus, with my newly acquired experience, I also ESLinted the whole project.

Internal Project

Finally, for the internal PR I wasn’t sure in which direction I wanted to go. To be honest none of the projects made me excited to work on so I spent hours testing new ideas and bugs for different projects.

So I stumbled upon this simple issue, to fix the manifest.json and I took it. It didn’t take me long to finish it so I decided to find another bug to work on.

Browsing thorough the projects and PRs, I found that people were having issues after submitting their PRs, where Travis failed to build the PR successfully (here and here). I went into Travis CI to see what was going on and after a little bit of investigating, I found out the issue happens when it does npm test and runs ESLint on the project. So I forked the project and ran the test on my local. Sure enough, there were 258 ESLint complains on the project, and since I have already worked on this kind of issue with Firefox, I set out to fix them.

It is funny how something I’ve learnt recently came so in handy for another project.

But it wasn’t as easy as the Firefox because with┬áSenecaBlackboardExtension project, because it was a domino kind of problem, you fix one and that leads to another 10. And it took a little and a lot of changes to the project.



I am so happy to get so far in this course and so grateful for all the help my colleagues and my professor have given. I hope I have contributed to the open source community in a meaning way.

I will gather my thoughts in my final blog post for this course, in which I will reflect on my past and look forward to my future with everything I have learnt. Stay tuned.

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