Release 0.4 Week 2

As we approach closer to the end of the semester, there are just a couple PRs left to do.

I have to admit this week has been an off-week in a sense that I could’ve done a lot more for the PRs. As I mentioned last week, I started working on the a Firefox bug. It was a different experience from the previous bugs I had worked on. Previously, all the bugs were done through git and Github and after a few months working with this version control platform, it became second nature to me. Because Mozilla uses a different version control tool (Mercurial), that meant there was another learning curve.

Fixing the bugs was not hard, but I had a hard time trying to figure Mercurial out. I made the two commits (one with ESLint auto fix and another one with manual commits) but I failed to submit them corrected. Instead of usingĀ moz-phab to submit them, I used arc directly instead and caused some confusion for Mark, the reviewer and organizer of the bugs assigned to us. (Here is the link for the submission)

So my plans for the next and last week of work is to fix the commits I made and finish my other external PR for H2. For the internal PR, I still have to land on one bug and fix it.

A lot of work for the last week and can’t wait to reflect back on my journey until here for my final blog post and see everything I will have done until then.

See you next week!

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