Release 0.3 Week 3

The release 0.3 has come to an end.

For the DarkChatter, I started an iOS project, so people can get started. Like it as said in class, people feel discouraged if there is no functional base. For now, I don’t see much I can do for this project, since it is dependent to the underlaying technology to make it happen.

Now, GitHub Dashboard I took on this issue, basically I created a Github application to obtain keys so users can signing to the application using OAuth. There are some more work to be done there, but it is a good start.

For the external, I worked with H2, specifically this issue. I have been working on it for a few days now but, because it is such a big change (changing the player for all the video services supported by H2), I wanted to take more time to test it before doing a pull request. While working on this issue, I noticed the majority of the code does not conform to JS Coding Style Standards so I lint cleaned most of the code to make sure it conform to the rules.

Next release I will be focusing more on the big projects and finish H2 issue as well.

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