Release 0.3 Week 2

For this week progress check, I narrowed down on the projects I want to work on


Initially I found the project very interesting, with a lot of potential, but I am starting to find it very hard to get started.

I am starting an iOS project and get things started, since as discussed in class, it is very discouraging for people to go to the Github page and see no working project on it.

And then we can study how to merge and integrate the backend part with the app.

GitHub Dashboard

I think this is a very good idea and I am excited to work on it.

I decided to give it a try on this issue, even though I have never worked on getting authentication from another service before. I think I can learn a lot with this.


For the external PR, I want to work again on H2

I got a good feedback the last time I worked on it and I really enjoyed working on it.

I still haven’t decided which issue to work on, maybe I will give another try on this one.

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